Useful Microsoft Teams Tips & Tricks for Beginners

I’m going to show you how to get better productivity using Microsoft teams tips and tricks.

Useful Microsoft Teams Tip & Tricks for beginners.

Enable Dark Mode/Dark Theme

It a very useful for long-hours users and those who get eyestrain easily with the default white background. To change or enable the dark theme:

  • Click the “ Profile icon “.
  • Enter “ Settings ”.
  • On the theme section, choose “ Dark Theme “.

Disable/Change Notifications

Working with the app and getting notifications every five minutes seems distracting & annoying. Fortunately, all notifications can be adjusted or disabled:

  • Go to your “ Profile “.
  • Go to ” Settings “.
  • Click “ Notifications ” to change/disable/manage.

How To Save Messages

A useful everyday tip when you have multiple chats teams and channels. With this feature, you can’t lose those important messages from a colleague, with the save option. To save a message:

  • Move the cursor to the right sub-corner of the message.
  • Click on the “Ellipsis (option) Button”.
  • Click “ Save This Message”.

To find all saved messages:

  • Click on your “Profile”.
  • Click on “Saved”. All saved messages are now on the left side.

How To Pin Channels/Teams Page

A feature for those with a lot of channels/Teams. To keep an overview of your essential teams and channels you can pin them to always be at the top of the list on the team’s page.

  • At the left-hand tab, Click “ Teams “.
  • Navigate to the “Channel”.
  • Click the “Ellipsis(•••) Button”.
  • Click “Pin”.

Use Command To Navigate Microsoft Team/Channel

Here is a way to quickly navigate to a channel or teams.

  • At the top, click the “ Search or Type a Command ” bar.
  • Type the command /goto followed by the first letter or name of a channel.

Turn-Off Emoji/Memes/Gifs/Stickers

As an Admin or Team Owner, you want to keep chats and conversations on serious-minded basics. You have the ability to do that in the fun stuff options in your Teams.

  • Right-click on the “ Channel “
  • Go to “ Manage Team “.
  • Click “ Settings “.
  • Under the option Fun stuff, you uncheck each box to turn everything off.

Turn File Into A Tab

To work efficiently in a channel where you saved a file that you often use. You can easily access it quickly by making it a tab.

  • Enter “ Channel “.
  • At the top of the chat section of the channel, click “ Files “.
  • Navigate to the File, you want. Click on the “ Ellipsis(•••) button “.
  • Click “ Make this a tab “.

Now you can quickly access the file you often work on the channel.

How To Copy Team Template

A feature for team admins/Owners who want to create a team with the same structure as Previous teams or channels.

  • Bottom left, Click “ Join or Create a Team “.
  • Click on “ Create Team “.
  • A window pop-up, choose “ Create a team using an existing team as a template “.
  • Choose an existing team, then select “ Choose team “.

Using Files Stored In Cloud ☁️ Storage

With Microsoft Teams, you can work on a file stored in Cloud ☁️ without opening a new program. To access this feature:

  • Click the Left-hand tab, and click on “ Files “.
  • Click on “ Add cloud storage “. You can use your OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive account to access the file in Cloud.

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