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Top 10 Websites To Download eBooks To Read

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Download eBooks To Read

eBooks are the best way to keep large library of books on your mobile Android, iOS phone or PC but free eBook downloads are very hard to find except you know the right websites to visit. That’s why we thought it wise to lists some of the best websites to download books for reading on Mobile or PC. These free eBooks download sites always have something for everyone.

If you want to download more eBooks so that you never run out of reading materials? Here are the best Websites To Download eBooks paid and free.

Top 10 Websites To Download Free eBOOKS Mobile or PC for free 2023

Google play

Google play is so popular and yet so many people haven’t realized that Google Play has so many free eBooks available to download. To find free eBooks on Google Play.

The best part about this is that you will be able to find thousands of free eBooks and equally check for reviews and see whether it’s worth reading.

Get your eBooks on Google Play

Open library

Open Library is one of the top Websites To Download eBooks. It has the best digital library where you can download books for free. Open Library is an easily searchable directory of all the free eBooks available on The Internet Archive.

On the Open Library’s homepage, you can easily find the books you might be interested in. Some of the most popular categories this website offers include Romance, Kids, fiction and nonfiction, fantasy, and History. You can even find some textbooks lurking in the catalog.

Get your eBooks on Open Library


ManyBooks is actually one of the best websites to download books from. Its purpose is to provide a library of free and discounted fiction and nonfiction ebooks for people to download and enjoy.

Much of its collection was seeded by Project Gutenberg. However, it has taken on an identity of its own with the addition of hundreds of self-published works made available at no cost.

Downloads are available in so many formats which includes EPUB, MOBI, and PDF, and each story has ratings, which is something Project Gutenberg doesn’t have.

Get your eBooks on ManyBooks

Free-Ebooks offers hundreds of thousands of free ebooks. Its contents are widely split into six categories: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi, Self Help, and Business. In addition, you can download books in other languages as well.

To download free books from this website, you will need to sign up for an account, which is free to create. Once you have an account, you can download up to five free titles every month which is a downside for me but the site still gives you the best of your favorite books to download.

Get your eBooks on Free-Ebooks


BookBoon is another website to download books that are dedicated to making it easy to discover new authors. BookBoon has a wide library of independent authors, all offering free ebooks. With BookBoon, you can read reviews, check out the content, and see if the book is the kind of book you are interested in reading.

Get your eBooks on BookBoon

Library Genesis

Library Genesis is a good website to download books for free from and it targets the interest of the academic students and teachers. It allow everyone that is using the site to search for the author of the book, title and even publisher of the books.

In addition, I want to recommend this website for people who want to expand their knowledge of different skills. One thing I like about this site is that it’s very much user-friendly.

Get your eBooks on Library Genesis

Amazon free kindle books

I can’t just give list of the best websites to download eBooks for free without mentioning amazon free kindle books. With Amazon you can get tons of books available in classic and modern books for those who are interested in classic and modern books.

The only downside is that you have to pay before you can be able to download any of these books. Meanwhile, what I like about this website is that you can get audible audiobook and paperback edition.

Get your eBooks on Amazon

PDF Books

This is another good website that has tons of books that you can download for free. I find the website to be very much user-friendly and easy to navigate and you will not have any difficulty’s in downloading any books.

With this website you can find books of different categories such as fiction, children, Academic books and so on. Here you can get high quality PDF books.

Get your eBooks on PDF Books

PDF Drive

This is another awesome website to download books from. This website offers tons of books which you can read for free. There are over hundreds thousands of books available for download for free in this website.

One thing I like about this website is that they update their books on a weekly basis with no download limits, but the only downside is that you must have PDF reader installed in your device before you can be able to download their books.


OBooko is a website that let’s you read books online on any topics. A top Websites To Download eBooks that offers thousands of books, no ads and the site is clean with no copied literature. You can get books in different formats like E-pub, PFD and Amazon Kindle.


Free PDF books provide tons of knowledge and entertainment, captivating readers across the globe. The websites highlighted above offers options like fiction, nonfiction, romance, fantasy and so much much. So that’s my best pick of the bust website to download books for free.