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Step-By-Step – How To Use Twitter in 2023

how to use twitter

1. How to Sign Up

Go to to set up an account, your twitter name is displayed on your profile and used to help people find your account.

A twitter handle will be created for you automatically and will begin with the @ symbol you’ll need to give this handle to others if they want to mention you in tweets.

2. How to write a Tweet

Each tweet is limited to 280 characters, this includes spaces so, if you want to write a lengthy tweet choose your words carefully.

Below you will see a circle being filled up as you type this indicates how many characters you have left in your tweet, you can add media to make your tweets more visually engaging.

This won’t use up any of your characters you can add a picture gif or a poll. You can collect data and encourage interaction from your followers using polls, you’ll need to write your question in your tweet then you can list your options and choose how long you want the poll to run for.

You can add expressions to your tweets with emojis by just clicking on the emoji button and select one you’d like to add, these will be included in your character count, to add multiple tweets click on the plus sign next to tweet.

This is useful if you want to say something more than 280 characters, click tweet to post your tweet and then your tweet will now be on your profile.

3. How to Follow accounts on Twitter

By following a twitter account that accounts tweet will be shown on your home page so you can stay up to date with all their latest posts from the home page.

Click on your profile photo to get to your profile page, twitter will show you recommended accounts for you to follow based on your interests, to follow someone click follow or show more if you want to see more recommendations.

To follow someone else click on the search bar and then type in their name to find them, you’ll see different accounts listed then click follow on the account you want, on the home page you’ll now see their tweets listed too

4. How to Edit Twitter Profile

To view your profile click on your profile photo or click profile on the left hand side, click edit profile to edit the visuals of your page.

You can change your profile photo or add a banner photo, click the camera icon to add a photo to make your profile more visual. Select the image you want to use and then click apply.

You can change your profile name, add a biography to describe yourself, add your location, a website and your birthday. Under the date where you joined you’ll see the number of accounts you’re following and the number following you.

To change your twitter handle from the home page, click on the more icon and select settings and privacy then go to your account and account information, your current twitter handle will appear next to your username to change it highlight the text and type in a new one.

Each twitter handle is original if your username is already taken, it’ll tell you below and you’ll need to try a different variation click save to apply the changes to your handle.

5. How to Reply to a Tweet

Reacting to tweets can help you to get more followers, under each tweet you’ll see a series of different options. You can also react to your own tweet and to add more information to it click on the speech bubble to reply, this will add a comment specifically to that tweet.

The account that posted the tweet will be notified that you’ve replied to it.

6. How to Retweet

Retweeting shares a tweet on your own page, click on the two circling arrows icon to retweet a post. If someone else retweets one of yours all of their followers will then be able to see your tweet on their page.

You can also choose to retweet with comment, this will also share the tweet on your page with an accompanying note.

7. Liking a Tweet

Click on the heart icon to like a tweet, you can see how popular someone’s tweets are by looking at the number of hearts it has.

8. How to Send a Direct Message

Messages is the direct message platform for twitter, you can privately send and receive messages to twitter accounts by using the home page message function. It may ask you to verify your account with a phone number to check your real person, if prompted for this add a phone number and verify yourself to access.

Message someone who follows you by clicking start a conversation and type in the name of the person, you can also message someone who isn’t following you if they have enabled this function in their privacy settings.

Click the name you want then type your message, you can add a photo gif or an emoji by clicking the icons.

9. How to Delete a Tweet

If you want to delete a tweet you can click on the three dots and click delete.

10. The Explore Tap

From the home page click on explore, the explore page allows you to browse different tweets and accounts you may not be following already. Type something in the search bar you’re interested in looking for and various posts and accounts will appear for you to browse.

11. Using Lists and Bookmarks

Bookmark store tweets so you can go back to look at them later, from the home page click on the bookmark tab to add a tweet to your bookmarks select the upload icon and select add tweet to bookmarks.

Lists also help you to manage your tweets and share the ones you like with others, click on the lists tab on the home page at the top you’ll see all your pinned tweets followed by any other lists you’ve created or are a part of.

Create a new list by clicking create a list

and then type in the name and description, you can choose if you want it to be private by clicking the box. Click next then add your members you want to share the list with and then click done, any members tweets will appear in the list as well as any accounts you add to your list.

12. How to Block, Mute and Unfollow Someone on Twitter

If you want to unfollow an account, click on the three dots on one of their tweets on your home page and then click unfollow.

If you don’t want to see their tweets anymore but you still want to follow them select mute account, their tweets will no longer appear on your twitter feed.

Blocking an account will stop them from being able to view your tweets, profile or directly message you, select block from the drop down to block an account.

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