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5 Precautions to Take on Social Media

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It is not enough to adjust the settings of our accounts so that the information is protected. There are precautions to be taken on social networks that deserve our attention.

There is an illusion of privacy and security on these online platforms, but the truth is that there are a number of precautions to be taken on social media  that should be common knowledge.

In light of several controversies, we can highlight Facebook as one of the most vulnerable platforms – whose access to users’ personal information, by third parties, is apparently easier.

But Facebook is not the only social network that inspires care. Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or even Snapchat are networks that can, in addition to accessing users’ personal data, make public certain private situations that are not, a priori , a user concern.


We often use social networks to share where we are, who we are with, what we are going to eat… It is also common to share certain milestones in life, important situations and goals achieved. Communication is necessary and important, but it is too closely associated with public exposure. So there are things you shouldn’t share on social media .

There is, therefore, care to be taken in social networks at this level and also in relation to the confidentiality of each user’s information. This is because, fortunately or unfortunately, we have a very strong tendency to constantly expose our life or events related to it.

For these reasons, and because users must be careful when using a certain social platform, we would like to highlight 5 attitudes that you should avoid on social networks, in order to protect your privacy in them .

1. Publish personal content

Yes, it’s appetizing. Yes, it’s conducive. Yes, you must avoid it. This is perhaps one of the main mistakes made by users of these platforms. As in everything, weight and measure are needed, that is, some rationality in your choices and in what you intend to make public.

Don’t justify yourself with those privacy settings you configured two days ago. Not that your data is in danger, or that the content you share reaches people who are not your friends, but avoiding excessive publication of personal content is one of the precautions to be taken on social networks.

No matter how much you limit the audience of your publications, no one guarantees that friends of friends will not have access to that information one day. Social networks, like technology in general, evolve at a galloping pace, so you can’t be too careful and not all of us have good intentions.

Also, pay special attention if you manage both a personal and a professional account. If both are associated with the same device, it is possible that you publish photos of your friends and family in the business profile that you manage – and vice versa. This is a situation that often happens on Instagram, more specifically in Stories.

2. Be controversial

Keep your opinion for yourself or discuss it personally with your friends and/or family. Don’t want to trigger problems on your social media. Opinions differ from person to person (especially the most controversial ones). Some people are more peaceful than others (there are even people you should avoid on social media ), so play it safe.

This is one of the most important precautions to be taken on social networks so that you can protect your integrity and also ensure that you are not offended in the “public square”.

Whether the topic is football, politics or the next day’s weather, avoid making your opinions obvious. Many of these publications, which we believe to be innocent, are subject to prosecution and trigger endless discussions.

3. Sharing other people’s information

Imagine that you run a business. You have a small business and advertise your services (or products) on its social media. One day, a customer publishes, in his personal profile, his opinion about the service/product provided/purchased. If the feedback is even positive and you thought about sharing that information immediately, take it easy. Think first…

You must first ask permission from the person concerned to share the content in question. You may be sharing more personal images or content that the customer does not want to be made public. This is another precaution to be taken on social media and one of the most common mistakes made on these platforms.

4. Publish too much

Or overposting . Again, if you have a professional profile, think from the perspective of the user, client or potential client. He certainly won’t want to go through his personal feed and only see publications from his brand. Also, you should know that social media algorithms differ from platform to platform.

Therefore, if you make several publications in a short period of time on Facebook, do not expect them to have a wide reach. The more phased the sharing of content on that platform, the better it will be for your business. But if, on the other hand, you publish at least twice a day on your Instagram, you will get good results.

5. Expose your personal data

Information such as your location, purchases you have made or any image that makes your banking information public are behaviors to be avoided. All content shared on social networks is easily shareable, never forget.

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