But it must be said that you still need to be careful not to become an inconvenient contact in the inbox of your potential customers.

Your luck is that when you check out the rest of this content, your chances of being part of this unwanted group will be minimal. You can check out ways to run a sucessfull campaign on Google Adword.

So, if you want to know how to do email marketing to be more successful with your nutrition strategy, check out the topics below!

Understand how email marketing still brings results

Before learning how to do email marketing, it is extremely important that you know why you are using this strategy in your business.

To begin with, if you start creating email marketing, it’s because a user has left their email address for your company, in order to receive more relevant content about your sector.

With that, when you have email marketing ideas, you start to create a connection with your contact list, generating a much more personal conversation.

This is because when creating email marketing, you can customize them according to your persona, generating empathy in each of your leads.

But it is worth mentioning that in order to know how to send email marketing efficiently, it is necessary to use a marketing automation tool.

After all, only with it can you create countless personalized messages and send them in a practical way to your contact base.

Apart from that fact, such a platform makes it possible to measure the results of campaigns sent via email marketing.

Finally, we can say that you must learn once and for all how to do email marketing to increase your profitability and direct connection with your leads and current customers.

Discover the secret to creating successful email marketing

To know how to do successful email marketing, you need to focus on one thing: the layout.

That’s because most emails are opened on smartphones, which forces companies to develop responsive design.

So, when you come up with responsive email marketing ideas, remember that the layout must load completely on the user’s device.

Other than that, when you know how to do email marketing, the formatting of the content must be well thought out so that the message is passed on clearly and objectively.

Also, what really makes it worth knowing about techniques on how to trigger email marketing is crafting killer titles.

So, try to write one that has 6 to 11 words, then do A/B tests for the same email until you find the ideal one.

And of course, all of this is much easier if you use a marketing automation platform that points out which email had the highest open rate for a campaign.

Learn in 7 steps how to create email marketing

Knowing how to do email marketing involves knowing a certain step by step so that you can generate value for your contacts.

So, just take a look at what we have prepared for you to learn once and for all how to do email marketing:

Step One: Define Your Purpose

Every company that really wants to be successful needs to have well-defined objectives.

And this also applies when creating email marketing, as it is possible to set goals at each stage of the process so that the targeting of your campaigns is more assertive.

This way, it is even easier to measure the results and evaluate whether or not your strategy was successful, in order to optimize your future email marketing.

Step Two: Target Your Audience

Creating campaigns that are the face of your contacts, that is, having personalized email marketing ideas is a way to highlight your brand at the time of contact.

But to do so, you first need to segment your audience, creating contact lists according to their affinities and interests.

With this, it is possible to make communication with your lead base much more efficient, as you will be sending them relevant and valuable messages.

Once again, a marketing automation tool can be a great ally of yours, since it has resources capable of optimizing this process.

In addition, she can also send emails to each of these groups of leads, making the task much more practical.

Step three: Offer good content

Delivering relevant content is essential to start researching how to trigger email marketing.

Therefore, from the moment you propose to send an email, try to put yourself in the reader’s shoes and think if the proposed benefits are worthwhile for him.

Furthermore, in order for you to be able to nurture your leads efficiently, your messages must contain the necessary information for them to be more and more aware of your market.

That way, be sure to send valuable content that helps your reader at the time of purchase.

Step four: Craft a killer subject

Creating a killer subject is a must for any company that knows how to do email marketing.

This is because it has the main function of making the reader open the email marketing.

Therefore, try to create a subject between 25 and 40 characters at most.

Step five: Care about the design

When you start to develop strategies on how to do email marketing, it is necessary to take into account the work of the designer.

This is because it is fundamental to attract the attention of those who are reading it, ensuring that clicks are made on the calls to action that you have in your messages.

Also, as we mentioned in previous topics, don’t forget to make a responsive layout so that the reader can read the messages on any device.

So, start calling your target audience’s attention much more and focus on the design of your email marketing.

Step six: CTA

The call to action or call to action should also be in a prominent place thinking about the reader’s field of vision.

Therefore, the main tips on how to do email marketing with a CTA are:

  • Leave the CTA at the top of the email;
  • Use colors that draw attention;
  • Create a sense of urgency;
  • Leave the call in a prominent position.

With this, you can make the CTA fulfill its objective and increase its chances of success.

Step seven: Monitor the results

An email marketing campaign needs to be constantly monitored for the results to be effective.

This is because from the data collected from monitoring, it is possible to detect which actions went wrong and which went very well.

Therefore, it is always good to use marketing automation tools, which let you know how to trigger email marketing.

Thus, it is possible to refine your strategy according to past results in order to improve your future campaigns.