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Infinix Zero 5G Review: My Next Budget Champion Device

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Infinix Zero 5G review

Infinix is an up-and-coming smartphone manufacturer that is getting more and more traction and they have released their first 5G phone. The Infinix Zero 5G is not just about the next-gen connectivity but it also brings some nice interesting features. Now follow me on this Infinix Zero 5G Review and see how I talked about everything.

Infinix Zero 5G Review – All Aspects

Infinix Zero 5G Design

This Phone is a budget mid-ranger that brings an interesting design – the back is curved and quite glossy and the camera has a shiny finish. The back of the phone looks like it’s made of glass but it’s made of plastic and it’s a bit of a fingerprint magnet. On the side is the volume rocker & the fingerprint button. The volume rocker is mushy and doesn’t feel great but the fingerprint reader is clicky and quite responsive when waking up and unlocking the phone.

Infinix Zero 5G Display

The screen is a 6.78-inch IPS LCD with a 1080p resolution. The 120hz refresh rate is adaptive and can dial down depending on the content on-screen to save power unfortunately the high refresh rate doesn’t fulfill its main purpose which is moving on screen more fluid because the display’s pixel response time is sluggish, often get ghosting and blurriness with a pixel density of 388 PPI. The screen looks sharp but sadly it has no HDR support, the colors aren’t very accurate. The max brightness goes up to around 500 nits in both manual and automatic mode which may not be enough for good legibility when outside in the sun.

The Device Audio

It has a traditional headphone jack & a single bottom-firing speaker. This speaker scores a good rating on loudness charts and sound quality with decent sounding highs.

Software on Infinix Zero 5G

The phone comes with 128GB of storage onboard with expandable storage via microSD card and runs xOS 10 which is based on Android 11. The operating system features extensive customizations, brings a ton of extra features and plenty of pre-installed apps:

  • A major difference between xOS from stock android is the standard notification shade is divided into a separate notification center and a control center.
  • The home screen is customizable, you can choose from different swipe animations and set your font color.
  • There is an app drawer that can be set to organize your apps into large folders.
  • A dedicated game launcher that tunes your gaming experience.
  • The proprietary features are extensive and include things like an Ai assistant, smart connectivity, a system-wide translator, and power-saving controls.

Performance on Infinix Zero 5G

This features a MediaTek Dimensity 900 chipsets built on a six-nanometer processor and provides both solid mid-range performance which outclasses MediaTek’s Helio G series chips. The phone’s headline 5G connectivity to run games well and thermal throttling isn’t an issue. The battery life is a large 5,000mAh power battery, it scores an excellent endurance rating of 140 hours but when compared to the Infinix hot 11 play the battery is a bit low. The charging speed is a decent size of a 33-watt adapter, it can charge from zero to 30 percent in half an hour.

Infinix Zero 5G Camera Review

On the Infinix Zero 5G Camera There’s a:

  • 48-megapixel Quad Bayer main camera.
  • 13-megapixel telephoto cam with two-times optical zoom.
  • 2-megapixel depth sensor.

The main camera captures 12-megapixel photos by default, the photos are decent but nothing too impressive. There’s an average amount of detail, effect colors are a bit dull and the dynamic range is limited. The two-times telephoto are quite different from the main cam, there’s more fine detail, a more pleasant color rendition but photos tend to overexpose shots which are made worse by the limited dynamic range and the autofocus isn’t the most consistent.

The Infinix Zero 5G can shoot portraits with either the main camera or telephoto camera, the photo quality is average.

The selfies is a 16 megapixel front-facing cam, photos are solid, detail and colored. The dynamic range isn’t too bad.

The main camera can shoot up to 4k resolution at 30fps. The footage is solid, detail and dynamic range with low noise. There is electronic stabilization for video recording but you’re limited to 1080P.

Final Though On the Zero 5G From Infinix

The Infinix Zero 5G brings a large 120hz LCD, a decent chipset with 5G connectivity, and excellent battery life. You get a telephoto lens which is not too common at this price. A shortcomings is the low max brightness of the screen and the mediocre camera performance.

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