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How To Use TikTok: Step-by-Step Guide On Starting

how to use tiktok

TikTok is the seventh most used social media platform in the world, you can’t ignore it in your day-to-day activities. It’s a video-sharing platform and can be used to promote your business. We’re going to show you the basics of how to use TikTok, such as how to navigate the homepage, view and create videos, add sound and effects, and create duets and reaction videos on TikTok Using your smartphones.

The Best Ways On How To Use TikTok

How To Navigate The TikTok Homepage

When opening TikTok, The first thing you’ll see is a feed of videos. Swiping up to continue through your feed and see more video content.

The TikTok homepage is split into two sections: The Top and Bottom Sections.

At the top section of the homepage, you have:

  • Following
  • For you

The “Following” allows you to see videos from users you follow, and “For You,” which shows popular videos from across the app and videos that the app predicts you will enjoy based on your viewing behavior.

By Swiping left and right you can switch between the feeds. You’ll know which feed you’re on because the title will be BOLD.

At the Bottom section of the homepage, you have:

  • Home
  • Discover
  • Create
  • Inbox
  • Me

Tap the magnifying glass (Discover) at the bottom here to find what’s trending, This is where the latest viral trends are found.

Tap the message tab to go to your inbox, where you’ll find notifications of followers, mentions, likes and comments on your videos, and notifications about people you follow. Tap the arrow icon at the top to access direct messages with users.

Tap this “ME” tab to find your personal TikTok profile, where you can also edit your profile and bio. In privacy settings, you will see a QR code that code is your TikTok code. The barcode is something you can show other users and have them follow you with one tap.

How To Create A Video On TikTok

To create a TikTok video, press on the “+” sign icon in the menu bar. Doing this, will open up your camera and all of the features available to use within your video. A TikTok videos can go up to three minutes in length. You can slow down or speed up your video, add effects, and record and stitch together multiple clips.

How To Add Sounds To Videos on TikTok

Tap “Sounds” to add music to your video. TikTok has a vast library to find music. Click on the track you want to add to your video. Tap the “Volume” tab to adjust the volume of your music and original audio.

How To Add Effects and Sharing Video on TikTok

Once you create your video, Tap “effect” for more effects at your disposal. Here, you can trim your video as you want, add transition effects for between video clips, and add stickers and text. Click the arrow to go to the post screen.

You can add hashtags and friend mentions and also choose whether you want the post to be public, private, or visible to friends only. Click “Post” to post your video.

How To View Videos on TikTok

On homepage when viewing a video, If you want to see more information about the account that posted each video, you can either click on the username or the “+” icon at the center right to follow the user.

You can also swipe to the left on the video to pull up the account’s profile page. Clicking on a username will bring you to the account profile page. On the account profile Page, You’re able to view all the videos posted by the user in a single feed and check out the user’s other social accounts.

How To Duets and reaction videos On TikTok

In order to create a duet or reaction video on Tiktok click on the share arrow that appears on any TikTok video. If the user has enabled duets and reaction videos, you’ll find the options in the menu that pops up.

Duet allows users to add to already existing videos and add their own commentary and effects.

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