How To Update Your Android Phone Without WIFI – Easy Steps

    Tutorial – How To Update Your Android Phone Without WIFI

    Do you want to upgrade your Android smartphone but don’t have access to WIFI connection  or your smartphone is faster than your WIFI internet connection? Of course, you may upgrade your operating system or programs without being connected to the internet through. This is a tutorial on how to update your Android Phone without Wifi.

    Logically, this will use data from your phone , so be sure you have a sufficient subscription to be able to perform these sometimes-heavy updates.

    In this tutorial, we will be covering how to update your Android Phone Software without WIFI, how to update your Android Phone apps without WIFI, and how to update Your Android Apps without WIFI.

    So let Jump Into it!

    How To Update Your Android Phone OS/Software without WIFI

    • Go to the ” settings” From your smartphone app list
    • click on about phone from the list of options
    • Select System Update
    • Select check for system update and if there is an update available through the OTA Option your smartphone will show you the option to download the option and it will ask you to download over carrier and not over wifi. You have to select download over carrier. Remember to have sufficient data subcription to complete the heavy download.

    How To Set PlayStore To Download Apps Without Wifi

    To set your playstore app on Android to download apps or update apps without WIFI is very simple procedure

    • Open Play Store App
    • From the app menu select Settings
    • On the list select Network Preferences 
    • You have Two Options “App Download download preference” and “Auto-update apps”. You need to set the the App download preference to over any network.  Or you can set it to “Ask me every time”

    With this any app download or update will be done without WIFI.

    How To Update Your Android Apps Without WIFI

    Remember that in the previous tutorial, we had set the PlayStore to download apps via carrier without WIFI. Now How To update Your Android apps without WIFI:

    • Disable or switch off WIFI or disconnect from any WIFI
    • Open Google Play Store app
    • Go to manage apps and devices
    • Select Updates available
    • Select See details
    • You will see the word “Update” in front of all apps and games that has an update available and you should click that and then you can download the update without Wifi.

    I hope this tutorial on how to update your Android devices without Wifi has helped you. If you face any issue concerning updating your Android device without wifi please feel free to reach out to us.

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