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How to Check If Windows 10 PC Can Run Windows 11

In this article, we’ll be showing you how to check if your windows 10 PC runs windows 11 but before we do that Microsoft recently announced their latest version of their OS Windows 11 with new features and a new user interface. It’ll be a free upgrade if you have windows 10.

Now, while windows 11 is a free upgrade for windows 10 users your computer must meet the basic requirements to install it including having a 1 GHz processor or faster 4GB of Ram and 64GB or larger of storage.

In addition, without getting too technical your PC must also have a trusted platform module sometimes referred to as a “TPM Chip” that stores tamper resistant encryption keys on your computer.

How to Find Out if Your PC has TPM and Check if Your Windows 10 PC Can Run Windows 11

To open the TPM management tool,

  • Go to the search box in the lower left.
  • Type “TPM.MSC” and select it.

If you get an overview along with TPM manufacturer information then your computer does have a TPM chip. Just make sure that on the right of the TPM manufacturer information it’s showing you version two because version one will not be supported when windows 11 releases.

If you get a message that says compatible TPM cannot be found then you will need to get a new computer with a TPM chip on the motherboard to run windows 11.

How to Check if Your Windows 10 PC Runs Windows 11 Using Health Check App

Now, microsoft has updated their pc health check app to let you know if your computer meets all the system requirements to run windows 11.

To download the PC health check app,

  • Open chrome browser.
  • Go to the address bar.
  • Type “” and then hit enter on your keyboard.
  • This will now download the file to your computer. it’s made by Microsoft and it’s completely safe.
  • You will get a message click on keep.
  • Now, find the file you downloaded and open it.
  • Accept the terms of license agreement and select install.
  • Finally, Tick the first option and then click on finish.

You’ll now see various information about your computer, at the top click the check now button to find out if your computer meets the system requirements for windows 11.

If you get a message that says this pc can run windows 11 meaning your pc meets all the requirements otherwise, you’ll sadly get a message that states this pc can’t run windows 11.

If you don’t want to upgrade or buy a new computer, windows 10 thankfully will be supported through October 14th of 2025 so there’s no hurry to upgrade yet.


So guys that’s how to check if your windows 10 PC Run Windows 11. We hope this has helped you but if it hasn’t and you are still facing sine issues please contact us.

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