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Free Design Apps For Creating T-Shirt Designs

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Free Design Apps

As a small business owner with little or no finance, starting a business is simply hard when most tools or software are usually paid for. For starting a Clothing business, you need free design apps for Creating T-Shirt Designs. The list below is the most popular free alternatives for adobe graphic design software that you can use for Creating T-Shirt Designs or any other design materials for your online business. most probably you prefer photoshop and illustrator since they’ve been the market-leading image editors for a long time because they are mature, easy to use and offer a lot of features, and are updated frequently but these alternatives can be used to create a very simple design as a beginner with no experience.

These five alternative free design apps for creating T-Shirt Designs can do basics like image editing and creating simple designs for your products and social media.

5 Free Design Apps For Creating T-Shirt Designs

1. Krita

It’s a professional free open-source image editing software. It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Krita is a good raster graphic program with a lot of features to create your custom designs, draw textures and matte painters with its highly customizable brush tool, edit photos, and more. It is the only free raster graphic program in the list suited for creating easily all overprint patterns which you will duplicate and merge your main layer and reflect all the changes made to the master layer. Krita provides a lot of options and you get the tools that you need to be able to create a great design.

2. Photopea

It’s a free browser-based program and a photoshop clone since it’s browser-based it runs perfectly on windows and mac. Photopea can be used to edit photos and create designs for various business needs moreover its interface and tools look very similar to Photoshop, and the same is applied to the keyboard structures from the tools. If you’re a little experienced with Photoshop then working in photopia should be simple with its pre-sized templates.

Photopia makes it easy to create graphics for social media while on the other hand there are a few cons like a small delay in a brush tool, its ruler tools only measured in pixels which might need some getting used to. Photopia doesn’t include some of the common fonts like Verdana, Georgia, and ariel.

3. Inkscape

An Apps For Creating T-Shirt Designs specifically for vector editing. vector graphics are specially used for creating designs meant for printing on several different types of products. when creating a vector graphic the print fill will not lose quality when it’s exported in different sizes. Inkscape allows you to set custom dots per inch for it – which is the number of dots in a printed inch, as the number of dots increases the quality of the print will increase allowing us to have more sharpness and details.

Inkscape allows you to create complex text graphic designs by choosing any of the font styles available on your computer and adding various effects to the lettering. Another useful tool is the measurement tool as it gives you an accurate distance value between the elements of the design.


It is a free and open-source registered graphic editor that runs on Windows, Linux, and mac. This program can complete the same tasks as Photoshop also you can add more functionality by installing plugins created by the community as you know don’t install plugins from an untrusted source. The first look at the user interface can seem confusing with the tool’s shortcuts and workflow since it’s completely different from adobe.


It’s not fair to compare it with Photoshop but it’s a useful platform for design. It can be installed on iOS and android and can be used in browsers as well. Their free toolkit is quite well there are unable to enjoy the full features without subscribing to Canva paid plans some features such as setting the background to transparent before downloading the design are unavailable

The free version of Canva is perfect for creating designs, Canva printing, and designing promotional material for your online store. it is a simple tool that you can understand and start using without effort before creating your design in Canva make sure you’re aware of the limitations of their free versions.

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