But for the results to be really effective, you need to know fundamental techniques of this methodology.

And one of them is the call to action, which is also known as the call to action, which is essential for converting leads.

Summarizing what a Call to Action is

If you need to get the reader’s attention on your company’s blog or website, then create a CTA.

That’s because this simple button will make a person perform the action that you yourself determined for him .

What action are we talking about?

For example, if you want that reader to download an ebook, just create a CTA. Or if you prefer to let them know about a new product, just create a call to action.

To do so, insert a button or a link in a text that takes the user to a form, landing page or purchase page to take them to the desired destination.

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But to succeed in your strategy, you need to know how to make a persuasive call to action!

And that’s exactly the subject of the next topic! Come on?

6 infallible techniques to create a call to action

For a digital marketing strategy to give the results you expect for your company, you need to know how to make a call to action.

After all, we are trying to make the reader perform an action desired by his enterprise.

And for you to create a perfect CTA button, just take a look at these infallible techniques to hook a potential customer the right way.

1. Be direct in language

An appropriate language is one that the persona of your venture really understands.

By the way, if you got here, you probably already have a well-defined semi-fictional profile of your ideal client through research among your current consumers, in order to understand their habits and preferences.

Furthermore, the important thing is to be direct and persuasive with the texts of a call to action, so the reader can easily understand the point you want to reach.

No wonder, it is recommended to apply writing techniques such as mental triggers of urgency and copywriting, including the use of verbs in the imperative, as we can see below:

  • “I want to meet”;
  • “Download”;
  • “Download now”.

2. Insert them in a good place

For you to insert your call to action in a good place, it is essential to remember the objective of each page of your blog or website of your company.

After all, when we have a goal for each of them, it means we need to think about a second step to continue capturing more leads for the business.

For example, there are many pages on different websites that ask visitors to download rich materials or view a certain product.

Based on this idea, it is necessary to give the visitor an opportunity to learn more about what you said in the content.

Therefore, it is important to insert a call to action in a strategic position on pages that have the objective of converting.

If you are not sure where to place the CTA, conducting an A/B Test is an excellent solution to choose the best one.

3. Choose the right colors

When you are going to create a CTA, remember that it must be the face of your brand.

Also, the button needs to be in tune with the pages it will be placed on.

Therefore, choose a color that gives a feeling of harmony, without forgetting to be eye-catching.

In the end, you will realize that there is no right color when creating a call to action, as the important thing is to always place it in the context of your business.

4. Put eye-catching images

Pictures often speak louder than words.

For this reason, inserting images can attract the attention of the person accessing one of your pages.

In addition to being much more eye-catching, an image – when well chosen – can convey brand credibility.

Therefore, choose those that have the power to convert visitors into potential customers.

5. Pass on a sense of urgency

When you think about hooking a potential customer of your products or services, remember: create a sense of urgency.

Also because the market is not for fish, and when you manage to alert that person that you have a good solution to show them, you can be sure that your business is a great marine animal.

In other words, try to find terms that make the reader take action, such as “now”, “already” and “today”.

With this, you manage to awaken in him the desire for urgency and he will not think twice before accepting your offer so as not to miss this unique opportunity.

6. Analyze CTA results

Analyzing the click-through rate of a call to action is essential to measure the success of that button.

That’s because a lot of people might pass by your company’s blog or website, but how many of them actually clicked on the CTA?

To be able to capture this metric, it is recommended to use Google Analytics, which can give you this and other information about your call to action.

With this, you can measure your performance and even provide an A/B Test in order to discover better alternatives to optimize your results.