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Top 10 Best Websites to Download PC Games 

wesbsites to download PC games

Gaming is increasingly becoming very popular in this modern era, and many gamers are searching for the best websites to download PC games for free and adding them to their gaming collections.

If you’re a video game fan looking for places to download PC games, our list of the best websites to download PC games should be able to help you out. 

10 Best Websites to Download Any PC Games 

Ocean of Games 

Ocean of Games is my number one pick and undoubtedly one of the best websites to download PC games for free. Here you can download almost every popular game for free from this website. The website is clean and user-friendly, although it’s the site that’s old, but they give you the best games.  

One best thing I love about this website is that there are no annoying ads. You can search for almost any game on this site, plus the downloads are fast, and sometimes downloads can be in parts.


This is another best-known platform for downloading PC games for free. It’s been operated by EA, the biggest gaming company in the world, responsible for most popular games like FIFA and more. Most of the games here are premium, which means you will have to pay before you can download any of the games they have. They have a good user interface, and the website is very much easy to use. 

Mega Games 

This website is designed mainly for gamers and it’s one of the best websites to download PC games for free. It features trainers, fixes, cheats, mods, and more. You can find tons of game titles here, such as puzzle, arena, horror, and shooter games.

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The website is straightforward to use, this is my number one go-to website when I’m looking for cheats. You can search and download the most popular games here from this website with no stress. 

FitGirl Repacks 

Taking a look at another best website to download PC games for free. FitGirl Repacks is a library of games and games repacks. The website is clean, user-friendly, and simple to use and it allows you to have access to an entire list of games from A-Z. From popular games like the GTA series, Need for Speed, Hitman series, and more. You can download as many games using this website. 


Steam is one of the biggest and most popular sites in the world and the best website to download PC games. This is so many gamers’ go-to site for finding games, offering tons of titles from all kinds of developers.  

You can get tons of free-to-play games on Steam, such as shooters, puzzles, action games, casual, adventure, RPGs, and many more. However, to download high-end games you will need to pay before you will be able to play the games they have. 

This platform is owned and operated by Activision Blizzard. It has its launcher and it’s one of the best websites to download PC games. This huge gaming company has tons of games, such as World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Starcraft II Plus launcher also has a social feature for connecting with family, friends, and more. 

Apun Ka Games  

This is another amazing website from where you can download the most popular games such as the GTA series, Cyberpunk, and COD as highly compressed files. The games available on this website are all compressed and easy to install on your PC. They have tons of games listed such as action, Adventure, and so much more. This website is the best platform to download most PC games without stress. 

Epic Games Store  

Epic Games Store in recent years has emerged as a major contender for the best game download store. Epic is a successful gaming company that has put a lot of work, time, and money into making its website successful. It offers so many free games regularly, with tons of big games available for a limited time, as well as featuring tons of other big free games like Genshin Impact and World of Warships. 

Skidrow Reloaded 

Skidrow Reloaded has various categories of games starting from Play Station games, Xbox games, and PC games. They provide cracked versions of the latest games which can be downloaded. They have also mentioned system requirements for all games for you to know if your PC is compatible or not. 


G2A is a well-known site where users can get discounts on the latest gaming releases, and it’s a good site to look at when you want to get deals and pay less for top games. You won’t be able to find any free games available for download here, but you can join in with the G2A Loot system, in which users can exchange coins to open “Cases” that can contain a range of free games, including AAA titles for lucky winners. 


There you have it, my best websites to download PC games for free. Games are the best way to pass the time and have fun, either with friends, family, or by yourself, but it’s more important to download them from the right websites to avoid scams or viruses affecting your PC. Use the trusted website above for all your free PC gaming needs.