Top 5 Best Sites to Buy Used Cars in Canada 2022

    Finding the best sites to buy used cars in Canada can really help you in saving a lot of money if you don’t want to buy a new car that I think might cost much but on these websites I am very certain that you will find sweet deals which might interest you.

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    So without wasting much time, here are my best picks of the top best sites to buy used cars in Canada.

    1. AutoTrader

    This site is the best used site in Canada and it’s the biggest online marketplace. It’s reliable for finding vehicle values and one thing I like about autotrade is that you can sell or trade your car to a dealer with autotrader for free.

    What’s more, with autotrader you can search for cars on the site be it Bentley, Ford, BMW Ferrari etc. without the need of creating an account, they have all kinds of popular and non popular cars you can actually think of its all there.

    One thing I don’t like about autotrader is that the ads on the site is too much and it can really diminish user experience but overall the website is great in looking for the best sites to buy used cars in Canada.

    2. Canadian Black Book

    Here is another delightful site that has been in motion for over 50 years and now they offer online features where you can search for hundreds and thousands of used cars that is available for sale and it’s owned by the Hearst business media corporation.

    Canadian black book can help you estimate accurately the value of a used car so that you know the exact amount to pay if your tend to buy their used cars.

    3. Carpages

    Here is another unique site that offers new or used cars to buy or sell, they have been in existence for more than a decade now and is one of the fastest growing car shopping website in Canada.

    I like the fact that the site is user friendly and that they offer buy from home option which I think is really cool. Additionally, all car sellers or dealers on the site are identity-verified individuals so no need to be alarmed or afraid.

    4. Kijiji

    Kijiji is a good website to buy used cars and although it was created in 2005 their goal is to help Canadians buy, sell and trade their cars in the same area but their safety isn’t the best in terms of car dealings.

    Their website isn’t user-friendly I must say but they have ten thousands of new and used car to purchase but speaking about the safety again I prefer you make deals on cars in person and initiate contact for you to have a successful buying and selling of cars on kijiji.

    5. Used-Cars-Canada

    This is my last pick of the best sites to buy used cars in Canada. This sites has a lot of cars ranging from the popular brands to the popular models. The website is user friendly and easy to navigate, you can search for your preferred cars on the sites easily with the price range that you are after.

    I like the fact that in order to buy any car on this site you have the ability to get in contact with the dealer directly and yes used cars Canada is very safe and secured.

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