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10 Dropbox Alternative: Which is The Best Cloud Storage

10 Dropbox Alternative

Have you been searching for the best Dropbox alternative? You have to understand what Cloud storage is all about.

Cloud Storage has been a way to store files mostly important ones that we want to keep for a long time. These services can also be used to store our work files and share them seamlessly with our co-workers.

Dropbox is not just a cloud storage service to store photos, videos, and documents online. It offers you more with a first-year 20GB of free storage space. Using Dropbox is great but it isn’t the right fit for many. Looking for better alternatives to Dropbox which provides more security and a variety of features.

What is Dropbox?

Having over 600 million customers, it is undoubtedly among the most popular cloud storage services. Dropbox allows its users to store files and share with other people, it enables users to share folders or individual files with others.

Using Dropbox makes collaboration easy with friends, colleagues, and Clients on projects with its shared folder feature. This feature allows multiple people to work on a project simultaneously in real time. Its cloud services work well for personal use.

One of Dropbox’s special features allows Users to share and collaborate on files, even when they don’t have a Dropbox account.

Dropbox Pricing:

  • Free Basic plan with 2GB of storage space.
  • For $9.99/ one user a month, you get the Plus plan with 2 TB of encrypted storage.
  • For $16.99/ six users a month, you get the Family plan with 2 TB of encrypted storage.

Best features of cloud storage service

Cloud storage services offer a wide range of features to users, but here are the best features you need to know before choosing:

  1. User Experience: A good cloud storage service should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and manage your files. The service offers app support for various operating systems to ensure a seamless user experience.
  2. Transfer Speeds: A service with high upload and download speeds helps transfer data especially when dealing with large files.
  3. Backup and Retention: Look for cloud storage services that offer backup, allowing you to access and restore previous versions of your files. This feature is crucial for recovering from accidental changes or data corruption.
  4. Pricing: check the pricing plans, including the availability of free plans and the features included in different subscription tiers (e.g., storage capacity, collaboration tools, advanced security).

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2023 Top Dropbox Alternatives Worth Consideration

1. pCloud

pCloud is available for download on mobile apps (Android and iOS) and desktop apps (Windows, Linux, and Mac). The web platform is accessible from any web browser.

It delivers good data security with side encryption and zero-knowledge privacy. Storing files on the pCloud server, your data is encrypted before your data is uploaded from your device to its servers. The encryption feature keeps your files secured from unauthorized access.

pCloud provides top-notch privacy called zero-knowledge privacy. The feature keeps encryption keys exposed only to the user with the service provider seeing it.


  • The Free plan comes with up to 10GB of storage space available forever.
  • For $3.99 per month, the Premium option gives 500GB of disc space and 500GB of data transmission bandwidth for sharing.
  • The Premium Plus offers 2TB of cloud storage.

pCloud offers a lifetime plan for $175 only, which is a one-time fee for 500GB of storage space for the rest of your life.

2. Google Drive

Another Dropbox alternative, this app is created by Google. Google Drive is a cloud storage service that is free and part of the Google Suite application. It gives 15GB of free storage space to back up your files (photos, videos, and more).

Google Drive has been one of the best solutions for customers who want to back up their work and personal files.


  • The free plan has 15GB of cloud storage which is available for a lifetime.
  • The Basic plan is the most affordable package costs $1.99 per month and gives 100GB of storage.
  • The Standard plan gives 200GB of cloud storage at the cost of $2.99 per month.
  • The Premium plan provides a large storage space of 2TB at the cost of $9.99 per month.


Backing up low-quality images or videos doesn’t count against your storage usage on its plans.

3. Internxt

This Dropbox alternative is built mainly on privacy and security. The app is created on an open-source cloud service built on blockchain technology. File management (uploading and sharing) using the cloud service is end-to-end encrypted to ensure customer files are privately safe, sound, and inaccessible to any parties.

Internxt features come equipped with its primary privacy-loaded services:

  • Drive.
  • Photos.
  • Send.

The cloud service is available on all devices and operating systems, and thanks to its fast upload and download speeds, transferring (from Dropbox) is straightforward and effortless.

What makes Internxt better than Dropbox in age, is its safety and ethics. Their service puts the privacy of users’ rights above all else. some of its special features are:

  • limitation of the number of downloads
  • Safe and convenient backup setup
  • Complete data access control by the user.


Internxt pricing offers both monthly and lifetime.

A free forever plan with a 10GB plan. and a comparable 2TB subscription for only $11.50/month.

  • The 20GB plan cost $1.15/month.
  • The 200GB plan is for $5.15/month.
  • For $11.50/month, a 2TB storage.

The lifetime plan is a one-time payment, for $367 a 2TB storage, a 5TB plan costs $611, and for $1224 you get a 10TB plan.

4. Box

This service is built for team collaboration and companies. Box has various features and tools to help optimize your productivity and collaboration with your teams, partners, and more effectively. It’s built to make your job easier which makes it a Dropbox alternative.


The individual free plan from Box gives 10GB of storage and a 250MB file upload limit.

The Personal Pro is for a single user and includes 100GB of storage space at $11.50 while the  Business Starter provides the same storage space with a minimum of 3 users at $5.

5. NordLocker

The cloud service was created by Nord Security, the firm also built NordVPN, NordPass, and NordLayer. NordLocker provides a secure cloud solution that works on various mobile and desktop devices.

This service has powerful cutting-edge encryption and uses a zero-knowledge policy. NordLocker has one of the most trusted algorithms of encryption to provide full data protection.


The free plan has 3GB of cloud storage space. It has two premium options available: 500GB and 2TB storage space.

The 500GB plan costs $7.99 per month but for the first year, it costs $3.19 monthly.

The 2TB package starts at $19.99 per month subscription but for the first year-long membership you pay $7.99 monthly.

6. OneDrive

A cloud storage service owned by Microsoft. OneDrive is an easy-to-use solution. It has a basic plan that comes with 5GB of storage. What makes Microsoft OneDrive special is that you can use Microsoft Suite applications like Microsoft 365. The Microsoft 365 includes Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The OneDrive cloud service is accessible on all mobile platforms and desktop applications.


The Basic plans for OneDrive start at $19.99 per year/ one user with 100GB of storage capacity which includes Microsoft Outlook. The Personal plan is designed for one user and comes with 1TB of cloud storage ($69.99/year). Both the Personal and Family plans (6TB of cloud storage for $99.99/year; up to 6 users) come with a free Microsoft Office subscription.

7. Tresorit

A Dropbox alternative that is not so popular but prides itself in its “ultra-secure” storage and sharing solution. Tresorit primary customers are Businesses and collaborative teams but also has packages for individual use.


Tresorit gives 3GB cloud storage for free with up to 250MB sharing files ability with others. Tresorit offers two individual programs ($11.99/monthly/1TB cloud storage and $27.99/monthly/4TB storage) with three business bundles.

8. Icedrive

Despite being established in the year 2019 and new to the market. Icedrive has a good and solid first impression in the cloud industry. Icedrive has a few unique features like its intuitive interface design, unbreakable Twofish encryption, client-side encryption, zero-knowledge privacy, and competitive pricing.

Icedrive’s outstanding feature is the unique drive-mounting software. This feature makes cloud storage feel like a real hard drive without using synchronization.


Icedrive has three Lifetime and premium plans:
Lite: costs $1.99 monthly for 150GB storage.
Pro: costs $4.99 monthly for 1TB storage.
Pro+: costs $17.99 monthly for 5TB storage.

The lifetime plans come in 3 plans and cost $99, $499, and $999.

9. Sync

A cloud storage service based in Canada. This service makes storing data more affordable in the cloud. The free plan includes 5GB of safe storage with sync and sharing.

To improve security and privacy on sync, it allows users to sync and access their files from anywhere using its free app on mobile and desktop devices. Additionally, if your device is stolen or lost, Sync allows you to use a remote device lockout option to disable your Sync account’s logged-in devices.

Pricing provides a flexible plan for individual and team collaboration. The free plan offers 5GB of cloud storage. The paid plans for individuals start at $8 for 2TB storage and $20 for 6TB storage (all monthly).

The team’s plan starts at $15 per month with unlimited data transfer, robust security, and privacy features.

10. Mega

MEGA’s well-known feature is its large storage which is available for both free and paid. This is one of the most comprehensive free plans available. You receive 20GB of data storage for free which is impressive compared to other services that provide between 2 and 5GB of free. The apps are intuitive and simple-to-use features make it a good Dropbox alternative.

Apart from its large storage, it has a high level of security that creates your encryption key and is kept secret from anyone. Also, access to the information in the cloud is only seen by the user.


If the Mega free plan isn’t enough, you can upgrade to a paid plan. Mega has a wide range of plans to choose from.

Premium planPrice & storage
Pro Lite$5.24 at 400GB
Pro I$10.50 at 2TB
Pro II$21.00 at 8TB
Pro III$31.51 at 16TB


Conclusion on Best Alternatives To DropBox

Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service with many features and is convenient for users.

Despite its popularity, there is a Dropbox alternative that is better for specific use. An example would be Google Drive, which provides similar features without the monthly subscription fee.

In conclusion, while Dropbox is a reliable service. some other competitors out there have better features.