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Best Apps to Save Money in Nigeria With High Interest Rate

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Best Apps to Save Money in Nigeria

Saving money is never easy to do you have to be a little disciplined. There are a bunch of apps that will help you do that but choosing the Apps to save Money in Nigeria might be hard so we took it upon ourselves to provide the solution.

Saving is something that our generation and older have an issue with, and they need to work on it. Thankfully, technology makes apps that’ll do that for you. You don’t have to go into any budgeting and things like that. These apps are used daily over and over again because they just work so well. I will try to make it as easy for you to start saving money via apps.

These are apps we use every day to save and budget our money to the point where we don’t even have to think about it. If you don’t want to go with our choices of apps by all means, do your research and find what is comfortable for you. Here is a list of the best apps to save money in Nigeria that also works for Students.

Reason You Should Save Money

Here are several reasons why saving money is crucial to a Nigerian:

  • Financial Security: Saving money provides a safety during emergencies, such as sudden medical expenses or unexpected job loss.
  • Education: Saving for education is vital in Nigeria, where quality education can be costly. Saving money can ensure that children have access to good education.
  • Entrepreneurship: Nigeria has a vibrant entrepreneurial culture. Having savings can provide the initial capital needed to start a business.
  • Retirement: Saving for retirement is crucial to maintain a decent standard of living after retirement, especially considering the uncertainties related to pension plans.

In essence, saving money in Nigeria, as in any other country, is essential for individual. It empowers people to take control of their financial futures.

The Top 10 Apps to Save Money in Nigeria For Students and Individuals.

1. Piggyvest

Piggyvest is a saving app with interest that helps people save funds they don’t want to make use of. It is the largest growing finance App in Africa. Launched in 2016, it’s the first online investment app in West Africa. This App offer saving plan (daily, weekly, monthly) with different interest rates. You can save as little as #1000 in this app.

The app keep you discipline with their quarterly withdrawal (early withdrawal attracts a 5% withdrawal fee). With Piggyvest, you have up to 15% interest rate.


  • Autosave: allows you to set an active debit subscription from your debit card to your Piggyvest savings. Subscription can be set for daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • Safelock: keeps funds locked out till the desired date you fixed. The higher duration, the higher interest rate per annum.
  • Target Savings: allows you and other save for a common interest or goal (beneficial to married couples).

2. Corpreneur

This app was created for seamless and easy digital saving by Prime Nexus and it is one of the best money saving platforms in Nigeria. Corpreneur is an app for saving and investment that helps empower entrepreneurs. Creating an account is quick and easy to do via mobile apps. Saving, starts with as low as #100 daily, weekly, and monthly, and earns up to 18% – 24% interest rate per annum. With its seamless ways, entrepreneurs can create a business pace to increase the visibility of their business online using search engine optimization.

Corpreneur offer zero service fee, flexible savings plan, High-level data encryption, Competitive interest rate and card security.


  • Fixed savings: allow you to save for a period and earn a fixed interest rate.
  • Target saving: allow users to save toward a goal or targeted amount at an interest rate.
  • Periodic saving: allow you to save money as long as you desire.

3. Cowrywise

Cowrywise is one of the Apps to save Money in Nigeria and it is mainly built for those who are interested in saving and there is an option for those who want to invest. The app educates on saving, investing and allows you to invest in mutual funds. Cowrywise was created to help young Africans understand money, and how to save. Investing is worthwhile and highly rewarding. Cowrywise annual interest varies from 10% to 15% depending on how long the money is saved.


  • Periodic Saving: save regularly from daily, weekly, or monthly. It’s meant for regular fixed earners, students, etc.
  • Life Goal Saving: save on long-term goal, quite similar to target saving.
  • Fixed Saving: designed for those who want to save for a desired period. Your savings will be locked for a fixed maturity date you set.
  • Halal Saving: based on the Islamic banking system therefore Zero interest rate which is the principle of Islam. Designed for Islamic believers.

4. SumoTrust

SumoTrust is a savings and investment platform by Sumo Tech Global Limited registered as a finance company, they claim to help reshape the poor saving and investment culture of Africans. They want to help Africans save and raise money for any of the following purposes: start a business, pay for rent, buy property and pay school fees etc.

You can create an account with sumotrust with the mobile app.


  • Main Savings: is an account for users to autosave daily, weekly, or monthly. You earn 10% interest per annum.
  • Fixed Savings: is a savings for a desired period of about a year, and you earn a maximum of 15% interest annually.
  • Mission Savings: An account for users to save money for whatever project or target ahead. With this account type, you have the freedom to set your savings target.
  • Kick Account: stores all interests earned from referral commissions, winnings, and bonuses, they are all paid into this account. 

5. KoloPay

KoloPay is similar to your local piggy bank, but it’s based online. The mobile and web application helps people to achieve saving goals little by little. Kolopay is a functional, secure, and easy app to use, the privacy and security of its users are top priority in other words, it does not save their bank credentials instead all personal information and transactions are encrypted.

To stay true to achieve your goals you need discipline of savings. Kolopay is designed to help maintain your discipline to achieve goals by making the disburse button active at the withdrawal date. Enjoy up to 10% annual interest on your savings.


  • Autosave: Automatically save a fixed amount either Daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Easy save: Save any amount at any time and any day you want.
  • Kolopay: Invite people to contribute toward your goal (crowd-fund).
  • Multiple Goals: Set up savings towards many goals e.g., Rent, School fees, Car, etc.
  • Security: Your personal information is encrypted, and transactions are securely processed.

6. Kuda Bank

Kuda Bank is a popular digital bank in Nigeria, widely known for its convenient and easy account opening process. With just a few minutes on your smartphone, you can open a bank account without any paperwork.

Kuda banking Operation is through its mobile apps and stands out as one of the best saving apps in Nigeria. A key feature is that there are no monthly fees, and you receive a free debit card right at your doorstep. Kuda Bank also offers loans to its customers, making it a good choice for various banking needs.


  • Spend+Save: automatically saves money for you every time you spend from your account. Using this feature, set a percentage to save from what you spend.
  • Flexible savings – save towards a goal and earn a 10% interest annually.
  • Fixed savings – save some cash for a fixed time and earn a 15% interest annually.

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7. Carbon

Carbon provides attractive savings plans designed to help maximize their earnings on their savings. These plans are suitable for anyone in Nigeria.

With Carbon, you create a bank account and get a debit and virtual cards within Nigeria. With the app, you can make payments, keep track of your credit history with the Carbon credit report.

Additionally, they provide access to instant loans.


  • Cash Vault: allow to save cash for project for as low as #50,000 and earn 15% on maturity.
  • Goals: save toward a long- or short-term goal for as low as #100 daily or weekly and earn 9.5% on maturity.
  • FlexSave: allow you to save/ invest for a period of 28 to 365 days for as little as ₦100 with a 9% interest on maturity.

8. VBank

This apps deserve to be among the best Apps to save Money in Nigeria. VBank is a digital bank for people to save and earn high interest on their savings. It is owned by VFD microfinance bank and has become a popular app that allows saving through their smartphones.

Opening an account is quick and easy, taking just 2 minutes with a smartphone. The V app offers its users the ability to track their expenses and income, budgets, and set spending limits. They claim it does not charge any fees for transactions to other V accounts or accounts of other banks.

V Bank offers up to 12% interest on your savings.


  • Target saving: is an account for big dreamers who want to save. A 9% interest on saving
  • Saving account: Just like a normal bank account, you can save any amount.

9. Binance

This is the most popular Apps to save Money in Nigeria if you are into Cryptocurrency. With this digital platform you can save your money in crypto in the Binance wallet. With binance, you can save in over 150 cryptocurrencies. Saving in Binance, you get as little as 5% to over 100% per annum. It is best you save in stable coin (USDT and BUSD).

10. DigiKolo

Digikolo is one of the best money saving platforms (apps) in Nigeria that I have used personally. It makes saving money so easy and conveniently and the app have different saving options and there is an option which makes you lock a fund that you cannot touch until a certain time and another option to save money that you can access anytime. It serves just like an emergency funds savings.

Saving money protects you in the event of a financial crisis and plays a vital role in the economic growth of any nation.