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Best Apple Watch Games You Should Have in 2023

best appl watch games

Have you tried getting some quality games for your apple watch to keep you occupied but haven’t gotten a good game, no worries because I will be listing some favorite best apple watch games for your consideration.

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Although, there are lots of options out there but I believe with this list you will find the app that best suits you and your apple watch. So, without wasting much time here are my favorite best apple watch games for iWatch users to have fun with.

Top 7 Best Apple Watch Games For You in 2023

1. Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe is actually my favorite time killing game of all time and one of the best apple watch games. Have played this game a lot on paper and it’s pretty much awesome with great graphics and many more fun tasks.

With this game you get two options which is a two player versus iPhone and a single player versus apple watch. I really like the two player option where the second person can be on an iPhone so you have to send a request on your iPhone to play again each other.

The other option is a single player versus apple watch where you can select easy, normal and hard level to play against your apple watch. The best part about this game is the graphics which is user friendly and helpful interface is also nice. Plus there’s n ads in it.

2. Classic Snake Twist

I still remember those days when I used to play snake on my Nokia 3310. The game is pretty self-explanatory just feed the green snake some red food to collect points which are displayed at an increment of 10.

Make sure to avoid hitting the walls and your own tail, you can either swipe or use the rotating crown to turn the snake.

3. Soccer Dribble Cup

The whole thing about this game is to collect coins by playing and use the coin to upgrade the field, change the player and change the soccer ball itself and at the bottom right you get a dice which will open a retro computer where you can tap around to get a free soccer ball.

Now to play the game, just tap on the screen or use the crown to keep the player on the center of the field and avoid hitting the opponents and at the end you will get a projectile line where you can have your shot avoiding the goalkeepers to earn coins.

The game is pretty simple but believe me this game does get hard once you keep progressing plus I really like the graphics and this is one of the reasons why it is one of the best apple watch games.

4. Kepler Attack

This is a tough game but you do get a power boost like the shield, destroy all etc. The gameplay is circular where you steer your spacecraft moving forward into the space in a circular pattern destroying the enemy spacecraft and dodging their fireballs or bullets.

This is a fast paced game and as you cross the stages it does get pretty hard. Two things to point out with all the above game is the awesome haptics you get and the sound effects are also exceptionally good.

However, you get to select a theme like holiday or valentine theme where your spacecraft changes and so does the opponents.

5. Jupiter Attack

This is another nice game for Apple Watch because it reminds me of the classic arcade galaxy game. Basically, here your spacecraft stays at the bottom and you can use the rotating crown to move your spacecraft side to side and hit the opponents while dodging their firearms.

You also get power ups like triple shooter, shield etc. and on the main page you get the settings identical to the Kepler attack.

6. Tap to Dashboard Bird

This game has good graphics and the quality is just outstanding and amazing. It’s just like the flappy bird game on steroids and all you got to do is tap to move the bird forward without hitting the obstacle plus if you were to tap four times at a stretch without hitting any obstacle the bird will get a speed boost which is pretty much cool.

You can clear levels and earn points to upgrade your bird and trust me the library of bird is amazing, you can select from roboflops, fairy teeny, cheese flies and rolly gals plus you will be able to unlock them when you advance to different levels.

This is one of that game that you will never get over with on your apple watch, the haptics are amazing and the sound effects are also amazing. I really like the confetti effect that you get upon completion of the level.

7. Vegas Bowling Light

This is a nice free game, when you select new game you can either go solo, play against Lisa for $100, Tommy for $250, beth for $500 and Doc for $1000 and don’t worry you ain’t paying real money but trust me the doc is really a pro, he nails strike almost every single time.

In the settings you get to control volume and weight in pounds changing the weight of the bowling ball does make a subtle difference, the heavier the ball the more control it is.

You can use the rotating crown to spin the ball clockwise or counterclockwise to get a good shot to increase your chances for getting a strike or a spare, as usual like the other games the graphics, the sound effects, the gameplay everything is just about perfect.

I am impressed with all these games as I can really feel the difference in gameplay on an apple watch versus a gameplay on any other smart watches and despite of most of these games being free the gameplay experience is top of the line.

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