6 Best Apple Watch Apps For Students in College or Universities

Apple Watch Apps For Students

As a student we all want to have good grades and keep our work organized and neat and also keep our brains active and so in this article, will be giving you the best apple watch apps for students that can do all this things.

For every student in schools or universities you definitely would need to be sure that your Apple watch can serve as a great learning tool while you are learning in your universities of your colleges.

Best Apple Watch Apps For Students in Schools

1. Class Time table

This is one heck of a beautifully designed that lets you add all your school schedules in a colorful way. When you’re a student you’re always running late, so simply having your schedule straight on your wrist is so convenient and it’s equally useful too.

2. myHomework Student Planner

myHomework student planner is an app that of course let’s you add your homework in a very organized way. You can add your homework, your tasks and you can even set reminders to study, you can view all the homework you have and complete them straight away on the Apple watch.

3. iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner

It’s pretty much similar and probably the same thing as myHomework student planner but it does a couple of things differently and yes both of them can manage all of your homework, all of your tests and all of your assignments. I honestly prefer myHomework student planner better because it’s simply a much simpler app everybody can use with ease.

iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner is a great app but it’s kind of a little bit more complex and one thing that made it stand out is that it has a calendar view in the app.

4. Flashcards by NKO

This app lets you study on the go. You can simply create flashcards on your iPhone, so if you have to study for vocabulary for example you would add the words in the front and the definitions on the back and you’re set. Open up your Apple watch app and you can study those words straight on your wrist.

The app has a couple of different modes which are very useful and a fun way to study.

5. The Calculator

No matter what you’re studying the calculator app is a must need as a student.Although, there’s nothing much to talk about this app as we all know it’s use. All I can say is that the app is useful and it’s essential to our daily life plus you can choose a different look for the app.

6. Merriam Webster Dictionary

Dictionary is another useful app that helps in our vocabulary. This app helps us also in our definitions and spellings.

The Merriam Webster Dictionary has many great features and one thing I like about this app is it’s ability to helps learn with quiz that can help us test our vocabulary and skills.


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